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Americans head to the polls this fall in arguably the most important election in modern history.

More than just a contest between candidates or parties, the 2024 general election will decide the future direction of American democracy itself. The Brennan Center is working up to and after Election Day to protect the institutions that sustain rule by the people and fighting fear with facts.

This page is a resource for people who want to learn more about threats to our system of checks and balances and how citizens can join the great fight for the future of American democracy.

Election Integrity | Voter Suppression | Influence of Big Money | Gerrymandering and Fair Representation | Misinformation | Election Subversion

Election Integrity

False claims of fraud are driving attempts to interfere with the counting of votes and certification of election results.

Voter Suppression

State laws making it harder to vote have proliferated in recent years, and they often disproportionately affect people of color.

Influence of Big Money

Wealthy donors and interest groups dominate electoral giving and spending, drowning out everyday Americans.

Gerrymandering and Fair Representation

When lawmakers draw district lines to entrench one party’s political power, some votes count more than others.


Some are using AI and social media to mislead voters, with election deniers in particular aiming to undermine confidence in our democratic system.

Election Subversion

State legislators, local administrators, and advocates must strengthen and clarify election processes, preempt disinformation, and enact stronger measures against intimidation.