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We support constitutional reforms that would eliminate the Electoral College in favor of direct election of the president by a national popular vote.

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Why It Matters

Amer­ic­ans have never fully embraced the Elect­oral College. And why should they? The system treats votes unequally, giving them more or less weight based on where voters live. It encour­ages campaigns to focus their efforts on a hand­ful of swing states and encour­ages pres­id­en­tial candid­ates to skew public policy to bene­fit them. And as it has five times, the Elect­oral College can enable the candid­ate who loses the popu­lar vote to win the pres­id­ency. In these consequen­tial ways, the Elect­oral College system under­mines our core demo­cratic values.

In line with its mission to promote a fair and robust demo­cracy, the Bren­nan Center for Justice supports amend­ing the Consti­tu­tion to elim­in­ate the Elect­oral College. We also support the National Popu­lar Vote Compact, an agree­ment among the states to award their elect­oral votes to the candid­ate who wins the national popu­lar vote. The Bren­nan Center will continue to educate the public and poli­cy­makers in the effort to have every vote coun­ted equally.

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