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False claims of fraud are driving attempts to interfere with the independent, nonpartisan counting of votes and certification of election results.

Defend Our Elections Defend Our Elections

Why It Matters

2020 provided Amer­ic­ans with an extraordin­ary lesson on the import­ance of elec­tion offi­cials to our demo­cracy. Amid a pandemic and a flood of disin­form­a­tion about the elec­tion process, these state and local offi­cials managed to run “the most secure elec­tion in Amer­ican history.” It is no acci­dent that now — in the face of the Big Lie that Donald Trump actu­ally won — these offi­cials are a prime target in the attempt to inter­fere with our elec­tions.

Elec­tion offi­cials are facing personal threats and harass­ment, and state legis­latures are creat­ing crim­inal penal­ties for normal activ­it­ies like proact­ively send­ing out mail ballot applic­a­tions. Further, campaigns for elec­tion offi­cial posi­tions are making this “elec­tion denial” a cent­ral issue, whether by embra­cing or attack­ing it, and many of these normally low-profile races are seeing unpre­ced­en­ted levels of fundrais­ing.

Most troub­ling, state legis­latures have taken steps to strip elec­tion offi­cials of the power to run and certify elec­tions, consol­id­at­ing power in their own hands over processes inten­ded to be free of partisan or polit­ical inter­fer­ence. Every­one who believes in demo­cracy must push back against these attempts to subvert fair elec­tions


Protect Elec­tion Offi­cials

The federal govern­ment, state lawmakers, elec­tion admin­is­trat­ors, and inter­net compan­ies must act to protect the stew­ards of Amer­ican demo­cracy.

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Election Officials Are Under Attack

Despite running a safe, secure, and successful election during a pandemic, election officials face abuse — even death threats — from those who believe the Big Lie