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A foreign adversary attacked American elections in 2016 with propaganda and disinformation, and all signs point to it happening again. We advocate for stronger disclosure laws that would make it harder for foreign governments to manipulate our elections.

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Why It Matters

Why It Matters

The Amer­ican people should decide elec­tions for them­selves without decept­ive foreign manip­u­la­tion. That requires trans­par­ency about the sources of paid polit­ical messages. Weak disclos­ure require­ments for online ads — as well as secret­ive nonprofits and other corpor­ate entit­ies — open the door to illegal foreign spend­ing in our elec­tions, as occurred in 2016.

The Bren­nan Center for Justice advoc­ates for stronger disclos­ure laws to elim­in­ate “dark money” — some­thing that is espe­cially import­ant since the Supreme Court struck down many of the limits on polit­ical spend­ing. We’re also fight­ing to make online ads subject to the same disclos­ure rules as TV ads, which would make it much harder for foreign adversar­ies to manip­u­late our elec­tions through false, mislead­ing, or inflam­mat­ory ads on social media.


Protect Against Foreign Spend­ing in Elec­tions

Congress should pass the Honest Ads Act and the DISCLOSE Act, which would require greater trans­par­ency for online ads and make it harder for foreign powers to funnel money into Amer­ican elec­tions. States should do the same for state elec­tions.

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