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Rethinking Intelligence

Too often, secret and unaccountable intelligence enterprises threaten rather than protect Americans. We’re laying the groundwork for a more transparent and intelligent way to collect information.


The intel­li­gence, national defense, and home­land secur­ity enter­prise has grown too large, expens­ive, power­ful, inef­fect­ive, and unac­count­able to the Amer­ican people. As it oper­ates today, it threatens rather than protects Amer­ic­ans’ privacy and liber­ties, and it under­mines human rights and the rule of law abroad, leav­ing the U.S. less free and less secure.

Bren­nan Center fellow Michael German, a former FBI Special Agent, high­lights the work of former govern­ment offi­cials, academ­ics, and advoc­ates who have chal­lenged conven­tional wisdom in these areas. Their expert analysis lays the ground­work for a more intel­li­gent and robust intel­li­gence enter­prise.

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