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State Reform

There is significant momentum nationwide to restore voting rights to people who are living in our communities but have convictions in their past. The Brennan Center is at the forefront of this movement, providing research into state laws and proposing model legislation.


There is signi­fic­ant national momentum toward restor­ing voting rights to people with crim­inal convic­tions in their past. Over the past two decades, more than a dozen states have moved to ease voting restric­tions on people in the community with past crim­inal convic­tions.

The Bren­nan Center analyzes state laws to under­stand who is permit­ted to vote and how these rights might be expan­ded. We also draft model legis­la­tion to restore voting rights to people with crim­inal convic­tions, and we testify on bills in legis­latures around the coun­try. We perform research to demon­strate the devast­at­ing impact of crim­inal disen­fran­chise­ment laws.

For a map of current state felon disen­fran­chise­ment policies, click here.

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