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Defend the ideals of democracy for the future. By including the Brennan Center in your charitable estate plans, you will become a member of our Brennan Legacy Circle.

Defend the ideals of demo­cracy for the future. By includ­ing the Bren­nan Center in your char­it­able estate plans, you will become a member of our Bren­nan Legacy Circle, which recog­nizes indi­vidu­als with the unique vision and gener­os­ity to name the Bren­nan Center in their phil­an­thropic plan­ning.

“The Consti­tu­tion will endure as a vital charter of human liberty as long as there are those with the cour­age to defend it, the vision to inter­pret it, and the fidel­ity to live by it.” 

– Supreme Court Justice William J. Bren­nan, Jr. (1906 – 1997)

Bene­fits of Join­ing the Bren­nan Legacy Circle

As a Bren­nan Legacy Circle member, you receive

  • A welcome pack­age

  • A signed copy of The First to Vote by Michael Wald­man, Bren­nan Center Pres­id­ent

  • Invit­a­tions to special brief­ings and events

  • Recog­ni­tion in select Bren­nan Center public­a­tions

  • The know­ledge that you are defend­ing Amer­ican demo­cracy for gener­a­tions to come


How to Create Your Legacy

  • Include the Bren­nan Center in your will or estate plans

  • Name the Bren­nan Center as a bene­fi­ciary of your life insur­ance policy, remain­ing IRA monies, real estate prop­erty, bank account, or char­it­able trust.

  • Make a contin­gency bequest

  • Make a gift of stock or mutual funds

Every­one Can Provide a Legacy for Demo­cracy

  • There is no minimum gift to make to become a Bren­nan Legacy Circle member.

  • Becom­ing a Bren­nan Legacy Circle member costs you noth­ing to join now and is open to people of all ages.

If you would like learn more about how to leave your legacy for demo­cracy, please complete the form below.

Altern­at­ively, you can contact Paul­ette Hodge, Direct Response Manager paul­ or call 646 925 8750.

“There is no organ­iz­a­tion more import­ant to the fights of our day than the Bren­nan Center. I simply can’t imagine what would happen if the Center weren’t here to hold our polit­ical insti­tu­tions account­able and fight to elev­ate the voices of ordin­ary Amer­ic­ans. I’ve done my part to make sure that never happens and included the Bren­nan Center in my will. It is the least I can do to ensure our demo­cracy remains strong as ever for the next gener­a­tion.”

— Patri­cia Bauman, Co-Chair of the Bren­nan Center Board of Direct­ors and long­stand­ing supporter

Confid­ence in your giving matters to us. Refer to the follow­ing to know that your gift will be used wisely.