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We are committed to defending campaign finance laws in court, and to the long-term push to overturn Citizens United and other harmful Supreme Court decisions that have given the wealthy unprecedented influence over our politics.

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Why It Matters

Few Supreme Court decisions have had more impact on our demo­cracy than Citizens United, which freed super PACs and other entit­ies to pour unlim­ited amounts of money into our campaigns. That has had a profound impact on who influ­ences policies and, ulti­mately, who bene­fits from govern­ment action. Citizens United was bad for our demo­cracy, but it left many import­ant safe­guards untouched. Bren­nan Center for Justice is commit­ted to defend­ing those campaign finance rules in court, and to the long-term push to reverse the Supreme Court’s harm­ful campaign finance juris­pru­dence.

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