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The Second Amendment permits sensible gun laws. Our analysis pushes back on absolutist characterizations of the amendment.

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Why It Matters

In recent years, the Supreme Court has dramat­ic­ally expan­ded the scope of the Second Amend­ment to confer an indi­vidual right to bear arms. The result has been to expose count­less sens­ible gun laws to consti­tu­tional attack, even as the coun­try reels from an epidemic of gun viol­ence.

The Bren­nan Center for Justice’s pion­eer­ing research on the Second Amend­ment and its inter­pret­a­tion through­out history is help­ing lay the ground­work for sens­ible approaches to the Second Amend­ment that respect both rights and public safety. The Bren­nan Center also is a lead­ing voice in speak­ing out against the outsize polit­ical influ­ence of the National Rifle Asso­ci­ation, which has stymied mean­ing­ful gun reform efforts despite over­whelm­ing public support for action.



Collage of guns and the supreme court

Protests, Insurrection, and the Second Amendment

The extraordinary events of the past year challenge us to assess anew many of our institutions, laws, and freedoms.

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