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Voter ID

Overly burdensome photo ID requirements block millions of eligible American citizens from voting. We can improve the security of elections without compromising citizens’ right to participate in elections.


Overly burden­some photo ID require­ments block millions of eligible Amer­ican citizens from voting. As many as 11 percent of eligible voters do not have the kind of ID that is required by states with strict ID require­ments, and that percent­age is even higher among seni­ors, minor­it­ies, people with disab­il­it­ies, low-income voters, and students. 

Many citizens find it diffi­cult to obtain govern­ment photo IDs because the neces­sary docu­ment­a­tion, such as a birth certi­fic­ate, is often diffi­cult or expens­ive to acquire. 

The Bren­nan Center conducts research on voter ID, proof of citizen­ship, and in-person voter fraud. Our attor­neys assist poli­cy­makers and advoc­ates who work to improve the secur­ity of elec­tions without comprom­ising citizens’ right to vote.

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