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Our democracy can’t work without a functioning Congress. We’re calling for reforms to remedy dysfunction in the Senate and ensure that Congress is an appropriate check on the other branches of government.

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Why It Matters

Congress is broken. In the Senate, fili­buster abuse and other obstruc­tion tactics have repeatedly allowed a minor­ity of senat­ors to stymie congres­sional efforts to address the seri­ous issues facing our coun­try. At the same time, Congress as a whole has fallen short in provid­ing strong over­sight of the exec­ut­ive branch: When Congress is controlled by the pres­id­ent’s party, it often abdic­ates its author­ity, look­ing the other way in the face of poten­tial abuses of power. And when it is controlled by the oppos­i­tion, partisan invest­ig­a­tions often focus more on scor­ing polit­ical points than on uncov­er­ing the truth. 

Bren­nan Center for Justice is urging reforms to create a Congress that works. Senate dysfunc­tion under­mines the proper oper­a­tion of our govern­ment — which was meant to func­tion with three branches, not two. We promote reforms to the fili­buster rule so that legis­lat­ive minor­it­ies can’t para­lyze the Senate indef­in­itely. And we urge Congress to bolster its over­sight role.

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