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The Brennan Center for Justice works to craft and advance innovative reforms to protect our democracy, and make it work, for all.

In a time of polarized and paralyzed politics, the values and practices of our democracy are in urgent need of repair. The Brennan Center for Justice has pioneered solutions including automatic voter registration, now enacted in 16 states. We’ve championed small donor public financing, which would give ordinary Americans a much louder voice in political campaigns. We’ve crafted ballot initiatives that are helping to end partisan gerrymandering across the country. We’ve helped transform the debate over mass incarceration with groundbreaking research that revealed that nearly 40 percent of the U.S. prison population is locked up unnecessarily. And we are working to protect our elections from cyberattacks and foreign interference.

Recent Policy Solutions

What Every American Should Ask of the Next President
Ten solutions from the Brennan Center for Justice that would make our elections fairer and freer, transform our criminal justice system to end mass incarceration, and make our institutions of governance more responsive to the people.

Ending Mass Incarceration: A Presidential Agenda
In preparation for the 2020 election, this report outlines policies that would slash America’s incarceration rate, put people back to work, and reduce racial disparities in the process, while keeping the country safe.

Fixing the FEC: An Agenda for Reform
The campaign finance system charged with safeguarding our elections has itself become a threat to democracy. This paper sets forth a new blueprint to make the FEC work again.

Proposals for Reform: National Task Force on Rule of Law & Democracy
The National Task Force on Rule of Law & Democracy is a nonpartisan group of former public servants and policy experts who have come together to develop solutions to repair and revitalize our democracy.

Getting Foreign Funds Out of America’s Elections
The first comprehensive package of campaign finance reforms to address the threat of foreign spending in American elections.

Better Safe Than Sorry: How Election Officials Can Plan Ahead to Protect the Vote in the Face of a Cyberattack
This toolkit is designed to help officials, advocates, and policymakers devise a strong contingency plan that will ensure eligible voters are able to exercise their right to vote and have those votes accurately counted.

Liberty & National Security: An Election Agenda for Candidates, Activists, and Legislators
How can we fix American government? How can we make sure it works for all? In the wake of the convulsive 2016 election, there may be no more pressing question. This volume sets out proposals to protect constitutional freedoms, vulnerable communities, and the integrity of our democracy amid new threats.

The Case for Small Donor Public Financing in New York
Small donor public financing is the most powerful, proven solution available to counter the overwhelming influence of wealth on our political process in the aftermath of the Citizens United decision, which gave the green light to unlimited special-interest spending. 

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