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Millions of Americans are barred from voting because of criminal convictions in their past. Felony disenfranchisement laws, relics of our Jim Crow past, hit African Americans disproportionately hard. We advance policies to re-enfranchise Americans who are living in our community.

Ensure Every American Hands Ensure Every American Can Vote

Why It Matters

State felony disen­fran­chise­ment laws keep millions of Amer­ic­ans from voting. These laws aren’t just anti-demo­cratic — they send the message that the voices of indi­vidu­als return­ing to their communit­ies don’t count. And these voting bans dispro­por­tion­ately affect African Amer­ic­ans.

But we can change this. In 2018, Flor­ida voters passed a ballot meas­ure that re-enfran­chised about 1.4 million Flor­idi­ans — an outcome we have worked on for nearly two decades. Other states are consid­er­ing similar reforms. And we’re urging Congress to pass federal legis­la­tion that would re-enfran­chise in federal elec­tions the millions of Amer­ic­ans who are no longer incar­cer­ated but still can’t vote.


Restore Voting Rights to Citizens With Past Crim­inal Convic­tions

Congress should pass the Demo­cracy Restor­a­tion Act, and states should also ensure that if you’re a voting-age citizen living in the community, you get to vote.

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