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The Mueller report makes clear that there’s a much larger [election] infrastructure that we have to protect. There’s clearly a lot to do before 2020.
Automatic voter registration works … In blue states, in red states, in purple states, in big states and small states, we see an increase in registrations.
The Justice Department has plenty of authority to treat [right-wing extremist] crimes as acts of terrorism. It simply chooses not to.
There’s a lot more sunshine on the [redistricting] process. It doesn’t mean you’ll win every time, but it means you’ll have a fight.
The National Emergencies Act is not — and was never intended to be — a constitutional workaround for a president who cannot bend Congress to his will.
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Voter suppression. Gerrymandering. Big money in politics. Democracy is under attack. This year, the House of Representatives approved the For the People Act, which includes innovative solutions the Brennan Center developed on voting, ethics, campaign finance, and fair election maps.

Brennan Center President Michael Waldman
Ethics & Rule of Law

The Historical Case for Impeachment

Brennan Center President Michael Waldman discusses why the framers included impeachment in the Constitution.

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