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Census Confidentiality

Protecting the confidentiality of census responses is vital for ensuring that everyone participates. We are fighting to protect the count by making sure that the government does not abuse your data.


Robust laws protect the confid­en­ti­al­ity of the inform­a­tion that people provide to the Census Bureau, which is not permit­ted to release person­ally iden­ti­fi­able responses or use people’s responses against them. Nonethe­less, trust in the govern­ment is at an extreme low, espe­cially among communit­ies of color. Many people are fear­ful that the federal govern­ment will use their responses to the 2020 Census for immig­ra­tion or law enforce­ment purposes in spite of multiple laws that prohibit it from doing so. These fears have lingered through Census Day, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling block­ing a citizen­ship ques­tion from appear­ing on the census.

There’s still time to restore trust in the census. We’ve launched a far-reach­ing advocacy, organ­iz­ing, and public educa­tion campaign to ensure that every­one knows their rights and that their inform­a­tion will be protec­ted.