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State Voting Laws

The Brennan Center tracks voting legislation around the country, keeping an eye on measures to restrict or expand voting access, restore voting rights, and improve security.


Each year, the Brennan Center publishes regular roundups of voting legislation around the country. So far in 2019, we found four key trends:

  1. An uptick in activity around measures to restrict voting access. We recorded efforts to restrict how civic groups can help voters to register, apply to vote absentee, or cast a ballot. 
  2. At the same time, a number of states pushed legislation with pro-voter reforms, reflecting broad national interest in expanding voting access, consistent with measures in H.R. 1.
  3. Nationwide momentum for rights restoration for individuals with past criminal convictions.  Following Florida’s passage of Amendment 4, bills are actively moving in five other states.
  4. State legislatures are advancing far more election security measures designed to protect election integrity than in previous sessions.

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