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Many antiterrorism initiatives unfairly target Muslims and people of color. These policies violate constitutional values of fairness, equality, and freedom of religion.

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Why It Matters

Coun­terter­ror­ism laws and policies that single out racial and reli­gious minor­it­ies for scru­tiny viol­ate our coun­try’s core values of equal­ity and liberty. 

Bren­nan Center for Justice fights for a fairer, smarter approach. We are lead­ing a chal­lenge to Pres­id­ent Trump’s Muslim ban, which barred citizens of several predom­in­antly Muslim coun­tries from enter­ing the U.S. We also chal­lenge extreme vetting rules, which unduly burden people seek­ing to travel to the U.S. and open the door for reli­gious and ideo­lo­gical discrim­in­a­tion. We advoc­ate for the Justice Depart­ment to prior­it­ize the invest­ig­a­tion and prosec­u­tion of seri­ous crimes by white suprem­acists. We have soun­ded the alarm about inef­fect­ive coun­terter­ror­ism policies that target minor­ity communit­ies, such as Coun­ter­ing Viol­ent Extrem­ism initi­at­ives, which treat all Amer­ican Muslims as secur­ity threats and are often surveil­lance programs in disguise. 


Stop the Muslim Ban

As we continue to chal­lenge the ban in court, Congress should pass the NO BAN Act, which would end the exclu­sion of Muslims and make it harder for pres­id­ents to enact similar discrim­in­at­ory meas­ures in the future.

Roll Back Extreme Vetting

The new rules being imple­men­ted by the admin­is­tra­tion under the extreme vetting label should be rescin­ded or safe­guards developed to prevent abuse and discrim­in­a­tion.

Alloc­ate Terror­ism Resources to Protect Minor­ity Communit­ies

White suprem­acist viol­ence and hate crimes target­ing people of color and margin­al­ized communit­ies should be given a higher prior­ity by the Depart­ment of Justice. The depart­ment should collect and publish compre­hens­ive data about domestic terror­ism and hate crimes, allow­ing for an object­ive analysis of terror­ism threats and the devel­op­ment of effect­ive policies and prac­tices that improve secur­ity for all Amer­ic­ans.

End Law Enforce­ment and Immig­ra­tion Target­ing of Minor­ity Communit­ies

Congress should pass the End Racial Profil­ing Act, which would prohibit profil­ing based on race, reli­gion, ethni­city, national origin, gender, gender iden­tity, or sexual orient­a­tion.

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