Trump-Russia Investigations

Americans of all political stripes are concerned about the fact that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election. These events compel a thorough investigation, and various inquiries are already underway. This page reflects our ongoing reporting on these investigations and will be updated regularly.

Contrary to what Sean Hannity and Alan Dershowitz may say, political scandals at the White House get heard and resolved in Washington. It was true in Andrew Johnson's time, and it was true in Richard Nixon's time, and in Bill Clinton's time, and today.

First there were reports that Trump would sit for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Then Trump prevaricated and said in an interview was “unlikely.” Interview or not, sooner or later the president is going to have to answer some questions.

Brennan Center President Michael Waldman issued a statement decrying Pres. Trump's approval of the release of a House Republican memo on the FBI investigation into his campaign.