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Press Release

Brennan Center for Justice Launches Brennan en español

The new website offers the latest Brennan Center research and analysis in Spanish, with a focus on voting, redistricting, criminal justice.

April 27, 2022
Contact: Mireya Navarro, Media Contact,, 646-925-8760

The Brennan Center for Justice today launched Brennan en español, a Spanish-language site at that features research and analysis about voting, redistricting, criminal justice, and other issues particularly relevant to Spanish-language and bilingual audiences.

“The Brennan Center is fighting critical battles over voting, the census, redistricting, and many other issues that directly impact Latinos in the United States. We’ve built Brennan en español to ensure that Spanish speakers can access our work and put it to use,” said Mireya Navarro, editor-in-chief of Brennan en español. “Language should never be a barrier to participating in democracy.”  

Brennan en español is built to be a resource for the Spanish-speaking and bilingual public, media, and organizations to help dispel misinformation about voting, elections and other issues related to our democracy and justice system. It will provide timely analysis and initiatives throughout the year, especially as the midterms approach.

Some key content now on Brennan en español:

  • Combatiendo falsedades (Fighting Falsehoods,) a feature debunking disinformation on issues of voting, criminal justice and democracy.
  • Los latinos y la democracia (Latinos and Democracy,) statistics and other data about the political power of Latinos and their role in democracy in the United States.
  • Articles about voter suppression laws that disproportionately affect Latinos, how citizens can help protect voting rights and the fairness of elections, and how Latino youth become engaged in our democracy through voting, volunteering and activism.

Brennan en español will expand on the Brennan Center’s partnerships with leaders in the Latino advocacy community, such as Hispanic Federation and LatinoJustice-PRLDEF, collaborating with them on content for the site, public education campaigns and live events in Spanish. Recently, the Brennan Center and Hispanic Federation co-hosted four virtual panels about the redistricting process in four key states – Texas, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

“Latinos have driven our country’s growth over the last decade, yet they have not received the representation in government they deserve,” said Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice.

“As ideologues try to block Latinos’ participation in our democracy, it is especially important that Spanish speakers in the United States have a source of quality information and analysis.”

Throughout the years, and particularly during the 2020 election, the Brennan Center provided quality analysis and information about our democracy, elections, and the justice system to high-impact audiences, including members of the press who report in Spanish. This new initiative grows out of that successful effort, with the Brennan Center widening the scope to reach a broader audience.

You can find Brennan en español on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.