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The Brennan Center, in partnership with Ms. Magazine, responds to the ongoing assault on abortion rights across America.

It is an intense period for abor­tion rights in Amer­ica. Texas’s strict anti-abor­tion law S.B. 8 went into effect in Septem­ber, banning nearly all abor­tions in the state; the Supreme Court thus far has allowed its enforce­ment. Now, in Dobbs v. Jack­son Women’s Health Organ­iz­a­tion, the justices have over­turned Roe v. Wade.

In this series of essays co-published with Ms. magazine in the lead-up to the Dobbs ruling, Bren­nan Center staff members weigh in with their expert­ise and lived exper­i­ence to reflect on the myriad demo­cratic dysfunc­tions that have led to this pivotal moment.

Among the contri­bu­tions are an analysis of adher­ence to pseudos­cience, an inquiry into the role of state courts for protect­ing repro­duct­ive rights, consid­er­a­tion of the outsize role of big money in polit­ics and the anti-abor­tion agenda, and a look at the legal and soci­etal impact of crim­in­al­iz­ing preg­nancy and abor­tion, espe­cially on communit­ies of color.

The fight for abor­tion rights, the fight for equal­ity, and the fight for repres­ent­at­ive demo­cracy are all in service of the same goal at the heart of the Bren­nan Center’s mission: justice for all.

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf
Women and Demo­cracy Fellow

Image: Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg via Getty Images, Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, Bettmann Archive/Getty Images, Barbara Free­man/Getty Images, Peter Keegan/Keystone/Getty Images, Elijah Nouvel­age/Getty Images, Wiktor Szymanow­icz/Barcroft Media via Getty Images