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An essay series from the Brennan Center and Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology examines the benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence for elections.

Increasing awareness of the power of artificial intelligence coincides with growing public anxiety about the future of democracy, with significant concern about AI’s potential to harm elections. Recognizing that expertise in election administration and the societal impact of AI typically sit in different corners of the policy and academic worlds, the Brennan Center and Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology have asked experts from across these communities to examine the intersection of these issues.

This essay series explores how AI might impact areas including election security, the public comment process and participatory democracy, political advertising and fundraising, election administration, voter suppression, and the information environment for elections.

With an eye toward the 2024 election, the series will explore what steps the government, private, and nonprofit sectors should take to minimize the dangers and increase the impacts of these powerful new tools for our elections and democratic governance.

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