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VRM in the States: Portability

Portable Registration is a key component of Voter Registration Modernization.

Published: February 3, 2017

Port­able regis­tra­tion is a key compon­ent of Voter Regis­tra­tion Modern­iz­a­tion. Once an eligible citizen is on a state’s voter rolls, she remains registered and her records move with her so long as she contin­ues to reside in that state. States can achieve port­able regis­tra­tion through auto­matic address updates that capture voters who have moved, and through Elec­tion Day proced­ures that enable voters who have moved within the state to cast a ballot that counts. Many states have adop­ted these proced­ures with great success.

Changes of Address Possible on Elec­tion Day