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Press Release

Petitioners Ask Ohio Supreme Court to Enforce Order Against the Ohio Redistricting Commission

The Ohio Redistricting Commission Failed to Draw a Third Set of Legislative Maps in Defiance of the Court’s Order

February 18, 2022
Contact: Romario R. Ricketts, Media Contact,, 646-925-8734

In response to the Ohio Redis­trict­ing Commis­sion’s defi­ance of an order from the Ohio Supreme Court to produce a new set of legis­lat­ive maps, the peti­tion­ers in Ohio Organ­iz­ing Collab­or­at­ive v. Ohio Redis­trict­ing Commis­sion filed a motion today asking the court to enforce that order. The peti­tion­ers propose that the court require the commis­sion to explain why it should not be held in contempt for fail­ing to draw new maps. The peti­tion­ers, who are repres­en­ted by the Bren­nan Center for Justice at NYU Law and Reed Smith, are the Ohio Organ­iz­ing Collab­or­at­ive, CAIR-Ohio, Ohio Envir­on­mental Coun­cil, Ahmad Aboukar, Crys­tal Bryant, Samuel Gresham Jr., Pren­tiss Haney, Mikayla Lee, and Pier­rette “Petee” Talley.

Alicia Bannon, director of the Judi­ciary Program at the Bren­nan Center for Justice, had the follow­ing comment:

“For the third time, the Ohio Redis­trict­ing Commis­sion has shown its indif­fer­ence to the Ohio Consti­tu­tion and the Ohio Supreme Court. The court’s orders have been clear: produce fair and propor­tional legis­lat­ive maps. The commis­sion­ers have an oblig­a­tion to the court and the people of Ohio to explain why they are abdic­at­ing their respons­ib­il­ity to ensure fair repres­ent­a­tion for all Ohioans.”

Patrick Yingling, part­ner at Reed Smith, had the follow­ing comment:

“The commis­sion’s refusal to draw a new legis­lat­ive plan is a derel­ic­tion of duty. The commis­sion­ers must draw legis­lat­ive maps that are repres­ent­at­ive of Ohioans’ polit­ical pref­er­ences. We are call­ing on them to explain why they have failed to meet their oblig­a­tions.”

The motion, the court’s order, and more filings and back­ground on Ohio Organ­iz­ing Collab­or­at­ive v. Ohio Redis­trict­ing Commis­sion are avail­able here.

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