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The Freedom to Vote Act

The Freedom to Vote Act would significantly bolster our democracy by protecting voting rights, ending partisan gerrymandering, fixing campaign finance, and safeguarding the electoral process.


Amer­ican demo­cracy is in urgent need of repair.

Base­less alleg­a­tions of voter fraud promp­ted an insur­rec­tion­ary mob to storm the Capitol and have since led to a wave of new voting restric­tions in the states. The 2021 redis­trict­ing cycle, which is already under­way, is almost certain to be marred by another round of extreme partisan gerry­man­der­ing that will distort dozens of congres­sional races. And our broken campaign finance system is increas­ingly domin­ated by a tiny group of major donors able to write checks for $100,000 or more and by record levels of secret money from unknown sources. All of these long­stand­ing prob­lems and newer ones, like attacks on local elec­tion offi­cials and other efforts to subvert the elect­oral process itself, harm all Amer­ic­ans. But they dispro­por­tion­ately impact—and in many cases effect­ively target—­voters and communit­ies of color.

The guard­rails that protect our demo­cratic system must be strengthened. In order to solve Amer­ica’s most press­ing issues – from racial injustice to climate change to economic inequal­ity – we must first ensure that our polit­ical system is fair, equit­able, and inclus­ive, reflect­ing the needs of each and every Amer­ican. That is why the Free­dom to Vote Act must be passed without delay.

The Free­dom to Vote Act is comprom­ise legis­la­tion that incor­por­ates most of the key provi­sions of the For the People Act, the historic demo­cracy reform bill that passed the House in March 2021. Like the For the People Act, the Free­dom to Vote Act is trans­form­at­ive legis­la­tion that would set national stand­ards to protect the free­dom to vote, ban partisan gerry­man­der­ing, over­haul our campaign finance system, and safe­guard the elect­oral process. Together with the John Lewis Voting Rights Advance­ment Act—which would restore and update the full protec­tions of the land­mark Voting Rights Act of 1965—the Free­dom to Vote Act would be the most compre­hens­ive demo­cracy reform law enacted in decades. Congress must pass the crit­ical legis­la­tion as soon as possible.

To learn more about the Free­dom to Vote Act and its path to passage, check out the follow­ing resources:

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