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Florida: Election Denial in Races for Election Administration Positions

A collection of examples illustrates the prevalence of election denial in 2022 contests for the offices that will run the next elections in Florida.

Published: March 29, 2022
Illustration featuring the state of Florida
Brennan Center for Justice
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Below, we compile quotes from campaigns’ ads, websites, social media posts, and state­ments repor­ted in the media that illus­trate endorse­ment or oppos­i­tion to elec­tion denial — claims that the process or result of the last pres­id­en­tial elec­tion was ille­git­im­ate. Each of the candid­ates is running for an office that will play a role in admin­is­ter­ing future elec­tions in Flor­ida. Inform­a­tion about the finan­cing of these campaigns and those in other battle­ground states can be found here.


Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist (D), a member of Congress and former governor, posted on Face­book after declar­ing his gubernat­orial bid: “Governor DeSantis should help stop the disin­form­a­tion that’s tear­ing our coun­try apart by telling Flor­idi­ans he rejects the Big Lie that the 2020 elec­tion was stolen. If he won’t, he’s respons­ible for under­min­ing our demo­cracy.” On the anniversary of the Janu­ary 6 attack on the capitol, Crist pledged “to be a governor who condemns viol­ence to over­turn fair and free elec­tions, and speak out against disin­form­a­tion and the Big Lie.”


Screenshot of Charlie Crist Facebook post