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Coalition Letter Calls on the NYPD Inspector General to Audit the NYPD “Gang Database”

On September 22, a coalition of organizations and academics sent a letter to the NYPD Inspector General’s office raising a number of civil rights and civil liberties concerns and urging an audit of the NYPD gang database.

Published: September 22, 2020

The letter argues that the NYPD’s reli­ance on data collec­ted using vague, unac­count­able, and subject­ive stand­ards makes it inher­ently unre­li­able, and calls into ques­tion its use as an invest­ig­at­ive tool. Inclu­sion in the gang data­base, which requires no proof of crim­inal activ­ity, can impact a person’s equal access to hous­ing, school­ing, recre­ation, natur­al­iz­a­tion, and more.