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Buying Time 2021

A compilation of television advertisements from 2021 state supreme court elections.

Published: October 27, 2021

During the 2021 election cycle, the Brennan Center for Justice will release television advertisements and spending figures for state supreme court elections. Since 2000, the Brennan Center has been using this information to publish comprehensive analyses of special interest money and television spending in judicial elections. These analyses have culminated in ten iterations of the Politics of Judicial Elections report series: 2000200220042006Decade Report2009–102011–122013–142015–16, and 2017–18.

This year’s advertisements are available for viewing on the web on each state’s Buying Time page. TV ads are provided by Kantar Media/CMAG. 

Spending figures are included from multiple sources—including disclosure documents from state disclosure databases, ad purchase contracts posted by the FCC, and estimates provided by Kantar Media/CMAG. Each page will make clear the sources used for each estimate

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State Breakdowns



Data on ad airings and spending on ads are calculated and prepared by Kantar Media/CMAG, which captures satellite data in the nation’s largest media markets. CMAG’s estimates do not reflect ad agency commissions or the costs of producing advertisements, nor do they reflect the cost of ad buys on local cable channels. Cost estimates are revised by Kantar Media/CMAG when it receives updated data, resulting in some fluctuations in the reported ad spending. 

Data on spending on ads was also compiled from ad purchase contracts posted by the FCC and from state disclosure databases when available.