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Testimony before the Maryland House of Delegates Supporting H.B.981

The Center testified before the Ways and Means Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates in support of the Online Electioneering Transparency and Accountability Act.

Published: February 20, 2018

On Febru­ary 20, 2018, the Bren­nan Center’s Daniel Weiner, Senior Coun­sel to the Demo­cracy Program, test­i­fied before the Mary­land House of Deleg­ates Ways and Means Commit­tee in support of the Online Elec­tion­eer­ing Trans­par­ency and Account­ab­il­ity Act. (H.B. 981). The bill would help fortify Mary­land elec­tions against foreign meddling through inter­net propa­ganda and improve their over­all trans­par­ency.


Bren­nan Center Testi­mony in Support of House Bill 981 by The Bren­nan Center for Justice on Scribd