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The Freedom to Vote Act

The bill would bolster our democracy by protecting voting rights, ending partisan gerrymandering, improving campaign finance, and safeguarding the electoral process.


The Freedom to Vote Act is historic pro-voter legislation to strengthen our democracy, promote racial justice and equity for all Americans, and block anti-voter efforts in the states.

In the 2022 midterms, American democracy rallied. But despite the widespread rejection of election denial at the polls, efforts to undermine electoral systems and push anti-voter policies continue to proliferate. These and other attacks on democracy have often primarily targeted communities of color.

Congress has the legal and constitutional power to strengthen our democracy by passing the Freedom to Vote Act. This landmark legislation sets baseline national standards to protect the freedom to vote, counter election denial, end partisan gerrymandering, and help get big money out of politics. It builds off momentum in states across the country to put in place pro-voter policies.

Together with the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore and update the full protections of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Freedom to Vote Act would be the most comprehensive pro-democracy law enacted in decades. Congress came achingly close to passing this package in 2022. Our democracy can’t wait.

What’s in the Bill?

Read about the key provisions in the bill.

Publications and Commentary

Read analysis and commentary from the Brennan Center and others on the Freedom to Vote Act and democracy reform.

Congressional Hearings and Testimony

Hearings and testimony related to voting rights and democracy reform.

Momentum for Democracy Reform Across the Country

Americans overwhelmingly support key democracy reforms. Momentum is building across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What about the filibuster? Why is this legislation necessary? See answers to these and other frequently asked questions. 

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