In-Depth Resources on Key Reforms

Resources on H.R. 1's central provisions, organized by topic:


Automatic Voter Registration Resource Page

Purges: a Growing Threat to the Right to Vote

Early Voting: What Works

Voting Rights Act Resource Page

Dangers of "Ballot Security" Operations: Preventing Intimidation, Discrimination, and Disruption

Ballot Security and Voter Suppression

Voting Rights Restoration Resource Page

Money in Politics:

Small Donor Public Financing Resource Page

Disclosure Resource Page

Getting Foreign Funds Out of America's Elections

Fact Check: What the Supreme Court Got Wrong in its Money and Politics Decisions

Citizens United Five Years Later

Fixing the FEC: An Agenda for Reform

Securing and Modernizing Our Elections:

Election Security Resource Page

Better Safe Than Sorry: How Election Officials Can Plan Ahead to Protect the Vote in the Face of a Cyberattack


Redistricting Commissions: What Works

Extreme Maps


Strengthening Presidential Ethics Law

Proposals for Reform: National Task Force on Rule of Law and Democracy

The Brennan Center's one-stop primer the above democracy reform issues and more: Democracy: An Election Agenda for Candidates, Activists, and Legislators