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U.S. Crime Rates and Trends — Analysis of FBI Crime Statistics

The FBI’s latest report on crime trends includes 2022 data for national, regional, and local levels.

Published: October 16, 2023
crime scene
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This page lists key statistics from the latest annual crime report published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The report, published on October 16, 2023, includes data on crime at the national, state, and local levels for 2022 along with comparisons against previous years.

Historical Trends in Crime Rates, 1990–2022

Recent Changes in Crime Rates by Geography, 2020–2022

Recent Changes in Crime Rates in Selected Major Cities, 2020–2022

Methodology and Limitations

Except where indicated, all data above was drawn from Crime in the United States Annual Reports, available on the FBI’s website under “Documents and Downloads.” Terms used in the tables above, such as regional groupings, are drawn from FBI reports.

FBI crime data from 2021 contained significant gaps and was based largely on estimates due to a transition in the way agencies report crime to the bureau. The tables on this page exclude 2021 data accordingly, instead making a direct comparison between 2022 and 2020, which is the most recent prior year in which a comparable number of agencies participated. This year’s report includes data accepted through the FBI’s “legacy” reporting system, significantly improving the reliability of its estimates.