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Rethinking Judicial Selection: Resource Page

This resource page gathers relevant research, data, and Brennan Center publications that take a closer look at state judicial selection and form the groundwork for the Brennan Center’s proposals.

Published: February 29, 2016

The Bren­nan Center engaged in a multi-year research project taking a fresh look at judi­cial selec­tion in the states. We stud­ied how states currently choose their judges, reviewed the extens­ive legal and social science liter­at­ure on judi­cial selec­tion, spoke to dozens of experts and stake­hold­ers, and considered reform propos­als from bar asso­ci­ations, legis­latures, and schol­ars.  In Choos­ing State Judges: A Plan for Reform, the Bren­nan Center urges states to do away with state high court elec­tions in favor of a publicly account­able appoint­ment process, and to require that justices serve for a lengthy single term. 

This resource page gath­ers relev­ant research, data, and Bren­nan Center public­a­tions that take a closer look at state judi­cial selec­tion and form the ground­work for the Bren­nan Center’s propos­als.