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Judicial Selection: Data & Other Resources

These data sources provide more info about the courts, including spending in judicial elections and diversity on the bench.

Published: June 6, 2016

Judi­cial Selec­tion Meth­ods

The data used to create the Bren­nan Center’s inter­act­ive map includes judi­cial selec­tion inform­a­tion, includ­ing stat­utory cita­tions, by state, court level, selec­tion phase, and term lengths.

Judi­cial selec­tion and reten­tion data for every state, as of 2015.

State-specific inform­a­tion on how judges are selec­ted in differ­ent states at differ­ent court levels, term lengths, and more.

Judi­cial Campaigns

Our ground­break­ing Buying Time analysis, first conduc­ted in 2000, exam­ines the spon­sor­ship, content, and costs of tele­vised state supreme court campaign ads. Data for these ads, includ­ing spend­ing, spot counts, tones, and themes, can be found here, and our inter­act­ive ad data­base can be found here.

This series contains data on campaign contri­bu­tions, tele­vi­sion spend­ing, and inde­pend­ent expendit­ures for each elec­tion. See the most recent report on the 2015–16 cycle here.

Online archive of contri­bu­tions to polit­ical campaigns in all 50 states, includ­ing for state supreme courts and inter­me­di­ate appel­late courts.

Judi­cial Diversity

                   Report on the racial ethnic, and gender diversity of state supreme courts.                           See the Febru­ary 2020 update here

Complete data­set of race/ethni­city and gender data for state court judges at all levels in all states and the District of Columbia. Data is current as of Decem­ber 2014.

Map of the 2014 repres­ent­a­tion of women state court judges in the U.S., accord­ing to The Amer­ican Bench 2014, a bien­nial judi­cial direct­ory.

Includes partial data on racial/ethnic makeup of the judi­ciary.

Complete race/ethni­city and gender data for state supreme courts, inter­me­di­ate appel­late courts, and trial courts based off 2008 and 2009 data.

Provides a data on the diversity state court benches, nation­ally and at the state level.

Includes data on the demo­graphic diversity of the federal judi­cial nomin­ees of the six most recent pres­id­ents.

Provides demo­graphic inform­a­tion for all current and former federal judges.

Judi­cial Recusal

Grades for all 39 states that elect judges based on "whether the states that elect judges have addressed the conflicts of interest that come with multi­mil­lion-dollar judi­cial elec­tions."


Grades for all 50 states based on what contrib­utor inform­a­tion is disclosed, the timeli­ness and qual­ity of campaign finance data, and public access to the data in 2016.

Grades for all 50 states assess­ing the inde­pend­ent spend­ing disclos­ure require­ments that were in effect as of March 2016. 

Access to Justice

Data show­ing the progress of  each state 50 state justice system in adopt­ing best prac­tices for ensur­ing access to justice for all. 

Court Stat­ist­ics

Case­load data from the courts of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Includes partial data on racial/ethnic makeup of the judi­ciary.

Public Polling

NCSC conduc­ted surveys in 2016 and 2017 of public trust and confid­ence in the courts, includ­ing ques­tions of inef­fi­ciency, unfair­ness, and over­all faith in the judi­cial system.

Polling from the past 15 years on the impact of special interest money on the integ­rity of the courts, and other ques­tions.