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Letter to SEC on Corporate Political Spending Disclosure Requirement

The Brennan Center submitted comments to the SEC in support of a pending petition that, if approved, would require corporations to disclose political spending.

Published: August 19, 2013

In August of 2011, a group of corpor­ate and secur­it­ies law experts peti­tioned the Secur­it­ies and Exchange Commis­sion (SEC) to require publicly traded compan­ies to disclos­ure their polit­ical spend­ing to share­hold­ers.

As the Bren­nan Center has previ­ously stated, the disclos­ure of corpor­ate polit­ical spend­ing would bene­fit corpor­ate demo­cracy and the func­tion­ing of the market. Respons­ible investors recog­nize that their invest­ment decisions must be well-informed, and share­hold­ers have an interest in know­ing what their money is being spent on. Since polit­ical spend­ing entails risk to the bottom line, investors bene­fit from having inform­a­tion about it.

In light of recent oppos­i­tion to this proposed require­ment, the Bren­nan Center submit­ted comments (below) to the SEC high­light­ing the bene­fits of trans­par­ency in corpor­ate polit­ical spend­ing.

Letter to SEC on Corpor­ate Polit­ical Spend­ing Disclos­ure Require­ment