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How Amendment 3 Would Undo Missouri Redistricting Reforms

This November, Missouri voters will consider Amendment 3, a legislative proposal that would undo redistricting reforms passed by voters in 2018.

Published: June 10, 2020

This November, Missouri voters will consider a proposal passed by the legislature that would undo the redistricting reforms that voters overwhelmingly approved in 2018. Voters are currently challenging the summary statement that would accompany the proposed amendment on the ballot, arguing that it does not fully and accurately convey the changes that would take place should the amendment be approved.

This resource breaks down how the amendment, known as Amendment 3, would change redistricting in Missouri.

Who Draws Maps

Amendment 3 would:

  • change who draws maps by taking away the role of the nonpartisan state demographer.

The Population Metric Used for Drawing Maps

Amendment 3 would:

  • remove language stating that legislative districts must be drawn to equalize total population; and
  • add a requirement that districts be drawn on the basis of “one person, one vote.”

Protections for Communities of Color

Amendment 3 would:

  • reduce protections for communities of color during redistricting.

Partisan Fairness

Amendment 3 would:

  • make partisan fairness the lowest priority in the rules for map drawers;
  • weaken the criteria for measuring partisan fairness; and
  • prioritize the compactness of districts over partisan fairness.

Challenges to Maps

Amendment 3 would:

  • restrict who can challenge unfair maps in court and on what basis;
  • require that challenges be brought in the circuit court of Cole County; and
  • minimize the possible remedies allowed.

A PDF of the full text of Amendment 3 can be found here: