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How Amendment 3 Would Undo Missouri Redistricting Reforms

This November, Missouri voters will consider Amendment 3, a legislative proposal that would undo redistricting reforms passed by voters in 2018.

Published: June 10, 2020

This Novem­ber, Missouri voters will consider a proposal passed by the legis­lature that would undo the redis­trict­ing reforms that voters over­whelm­ingly approved in 2018. Voters are currently chal­len­ging the summary state­ment that would accom­pany the proposed amend­ment on the ballot, arguing that it does not fully and accur­ately convey the changes that would take place should the amend­ment be approved.

This resource breaks down how the amend­ment, known as Amend­ment 3, would change redis­trict­ing in Missouri.

Who Draws Maps

Amend­ment 3 would:

  • change who draws maps by taking away the role of the nonpar­tisan state demo­grapher.

The Popu­la­tion Metric Used for Draw­ing Maps

Amend­ment 3 would:

  • remove language stat­ing that legis­lat­ive districts must be drawn to equal­ize total popu­la­tion; and
  • add a require­ment that districts be drawn on the basis of “one person, one vote.”

Protec­tions for Communit­ies of Color

Amend­ment 3 would:

  • reduce protec­tions for communit­ies of color during redis­trict­ing.

Partisan Fair­ness

Amend­ment 3 would:

  • make partisan fair­ness the lowest prior­ity in the rules for map draw­ers;
  • weaken the criteria for meas­ur­ing partisan fair­ness; and
  • prior­it­ize the compact­ness of districts over partisan fair­ness.

Chal­lenges to Maps

Amend­ment 3 would:

  • restrict who can chal­lenge unfair maps in court and on what basis;
  • require that chal­lenges be brought in the circuit court of Cole County; and
  • minim­ize the possible remed­ies allowed.

A PDF of the full text of Amend­ment 3 can be found here: