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Guns and Democracy

Summary: Gun regulation not only prevents physical harm — it protects citizens’ equal freedom to speak, learn, pray, shop, and vote without fear.

  • Joseph Blocher Joseph Blocher
  • Reva Siegel Reva Siegel
Published: June 29, 2021
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This essay is part of the series Protests, Insur­rec­tion, and the Second Amend­ment.

ABSTRACT: Recent armed protests in legis­latures and in streets across Amer­ica show that guns can do more than inflict phys­ical injury — they can threaten the public sphere on which a consti­tu­tional demo­cracy depends. It follows that gun regu­la­tion can do more than prevent phys­ical harm — it can also protect citizens’ equal claims to secur­ity and to the exer­cise of liber­ties, whether or not they are armed and however they may differ by race, sex, or view­point.

Guns and Demo­cracy by The Bren­nan Center for Justice