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Guns and Democracy

Resumen: Gun regulation not only prevents physical harm — it protects citizens’ equal freedom to speak, learn, pray, shop, and vote without fear.

  • Joseph Blocher Joseph Blocher
  • Reva Siegel Reva Siegel
Publicado: Junio 29, 2021

This essay is part of the series Protests, Insurrection, and the Second Amendment.

ABSTRACT: Recent armed protests in legislatures and in streets across America show that guns can do more than inflict physical injury — they can threaten the public sphere on which a constitutional democracy depends. It follows that gun regulation can do more than prevent physical harm — it can also protect citizens’ equal claims to security and to the exercise of liberties, whether or not they are armed and however they may differ by race, sex, or viewpoint.

Guns and Democracy by The Brennan Center for Justice