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Expert Brief

Election Spending 2016: Eight Toss-Up Senate Races

A new analysis shows that “shadow party” groups, outside spenders with close ties to the Senate leadership of each party, have already spent $47 million in 2016’s closest U.S. Senate races.

Published: August 31, 2016

With control of the Senate at stake, “shadow party” groups with close ties to Senate lead­er­ship are pour­ing money into the most compet­it­ive contests — threat­en­ing to make parties more depend­ent on megadonors, corpor­a­tions, and unions, while under­min­ing contri­bu­tion limits and the ban on coordin­a­tion between parties and outside groups.

Elec­tion Spend­ing 2016: Eight Toss-Up Senate Races