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Buying Time 2018 – North Carolina

This page features North Carolina Supreme Court television advertisements from the 2018 election cycle.

Published: October 8, 2018

In the general election on November 6, 2018, three candidates will compete for one seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court. There was no primary election, because in 2017 the North Carolina General Assembly eliminated 2018 judicial primary elections. In North Carolina, justices are selected in partisan general elections to serve for eight-year terms. Republican incumbent Justice Barbara Jackson will face two challengers to remain on the court: Republican attorney Chris Anglin and Democratic attorney Anita Earls. The North Carolina General Assembly passed a bill to omit the party affiliation of judicial candidates who changed parties 90 days before filing, which would have removed Anglin’s Republican label from the ballot, but Anglin sued and won the right to have his party label on the ballot.

Kantar Media/CMAG: Estimated Total TV Spending: $1,394,110*

  • Estimated spending by Barbara Jackson: $147,850
  • Estimated spending by North Carolina Families First: $738,620
  • Estimated spending by Anita Earls: $507,640

*Spending figures last updated November 5, 2018

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October 16, 2018 – Out of Control 15

Stream Video (QT) | Download Storyboard

This ad asks viewers to “Stop the liberals. Re-elect Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson.”

Sponsor: Barbara Jackson

Estimated Spending: $147,850

October 16, 2018 – Mixed Race Marriage

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In this ad, Anita Earls says “if we are going to protect families and make communities safer, we need equal justice under law.”

Sponsor: North Carolina Families First

Estimated Spending: $738,620


October 22 – Safe

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In this ad, Anita Earls says “I know how important it is that the criminal justice system works to keep our families safe.”

Sponsor: Anita Earls

Estimated Spending: $507,640







All data on ad airings and spending on ads are calculated and prepared by Kantar Media/CMAG, which captures satellite data in the nation’s largest media markets. CMAG’s estimates do not reflect ad agency commissions or the costs of producing advertisements, nor do they reflect the cost of ad buys on local cable channels. Cost estimates are revised by Kantar Media/CMAG when it receives updated data, resulting in some fluctuations in the reported ad spending. Data on spending on ads was also compiled from ad purchase contracts posted by the FCC and from state disclosure databases when available.