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Buying Time 2018 – New Mexico

This page features New Mexico Supreme Court television advertisements from the 2018 election cycle.

Published: October 8, 2018

New Mexico

In the general election on November 6, 2018, two candidates will compete for one seat on the New Mexico Supreme Court. New Mexico Supreme Court justices are initially appointed, must run in a partisan election for their first full term, and then run in up-or-down retention elections for subsequent terms. Each term is 8 years. Incumbent Republican Justice Gary Clingman, appointed by Gov. Martinez in April, will face Democrat Court of Appeals Judge Michael Vigil to remain on the bench.


Kantar Media/CMAG: Estimated Total TV Spending: $156,140*

  • Estimated spending by Michael Vigil: $91,720
  • Estimated spending by Gary Clingman: $23,540
  • Estimated spending by Safety and Justice for All: $40,880

*Spending figures last updated November 5, 2018

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October 2, 2018 – Knows What It Takes 15

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This ad says “Judge Michael Vigil knows what it takes to serve,” adding, he “has always defended the law and protected our rights.”

Sponsor: Michael Vigil

Estimated Spending: $25,490


October 2, 2018 – Protects 15

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This ad says “Judge Michael Vigil protects our children by keeping dangerous criminals behind bars.”

Sponsor: Michael Vigil

Estimated Spending: $45,860

October 9, 2018 – Integrity Fairness Experience

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In this ad, Gary Clingman says “the courtroom isn’t a place for politics or special interests,” adding, “my job is to uphold the law, no matter who stands before me.”

Sponsor: Gary Clingman

Estimated Spending: $23,540

October 21, 2018 – Equally Under the Law 15

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This ad says Michael Vigil “is the only candidate who won’t take contributions from special interests, insuring money doesn’t influence our courts.”

Sponsor: Michael Vigil

Estimated Spending: $20,370


October 20, 2018 – Most Popular

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This ad says says the “five Republican judges she [Susana Martinez] appointed…come with strings attached,” and calls them the “Susana Five.”

Sponsor: Safety and Justice for All

Estimated Spending: $40,880






All data on ad airings and spending on ads are calculated and prepared by Kantar Media/CMAG, which captures satellite data in the nation’s largest media markets. CMAG’s estimates do not reflect ad agency commissions or the costs of producing advertisements, nor do they reflect the cost of ad buys on local cable channels. Cost estimates are revised by Kantar Media/CMAG when it receives updated data, resulting in some fluctuations in the reported ad spending. Data on spending on ads was also compiled from ad purchase contracts posted by the FCC and from state disclosure databases when available.