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Making Congress Work in a Divided Nation

What can Congressional committees teach us about bipartisan collaboration?

  • Adam Kinzinger
  • ,
  • Maya Kornberg
  • ,
  • Mike Spahn
  • Daniel Strauss
Making Congress Work in a Divided Nation speakers seated on a panel.

Congressional committees are essential to a functioning legislative process, but experts agree they aren’t being used to their full potential. The media paints a picture of a legislative body paralyzed by partisanship, and data shows that our representatives are passing fewer bills. After the chaos that embroiled the current House over the race for speaker, is it any wonder that many Americans have lost faith in the effectiveness of their elected representatives?

The Brennan Center is pleased to announce the premiere of a panel discussion about making Congress work, featuring former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), political correspondent Daniel Strauss, and Brennan Center Elections and Government Program research fellow Dr. Maya Kornberg. As one of the two Republicans on the House January 6 committee, Kinzinger is no stranger to calling out Congress for allowing partisanship to breed dysfunction. Strauss is a staff writer at the New Republic and has covered both Washington politics and political campaigns across the country. Kornberg is the author of a new book, Inside Congressional Committees: Function and Dysfunction in the Legislative Process, which examines the legislative process beyond polarized voting patterns.

This program is available to view on-demand through May 22 only. Don’t miss your chance to hear from Kinzinger, Kornberg, Strauss, and moderator Mike Spahn. 

In this recorded conversation, the panel addresses questions such as what the committee system teaches us about bipartisan collaboration, what must be done to bring Congress into the digital age, and how to make Congress more representative of the country as a whole.

Produced in partnership with the NYU John Brademas Center



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