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Artificial Intelligence and Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

Now is the time to ensure that AI is designed and deployed safely and fairly.

Promises of the potential benefits of artificial intelligence are matched with growing anxiety about its risks to civil liberties and civil rights. The Brennan Center is tracking and analyzing regulatory frameworks, executive actions, and proposed bills that address AI.

AI tools rely on vast amounts of data for training and development, and the unchecked collection and use of our personal information to build these technologies threatens Americans’ privacy rights and free expression. Further, algorithms often encode existing societal bias against marginalized communities. We seek to promote privacy, free expression, and fairness as pillars of AI regulation.

This risk is perhaps greatest with respect to law enforcement and intelligence agency use of AI, which can produce erroneous decisions about who to arrest, surveil, label a national security risk, and more. The Brennan Center is working to ensure that these systems and their deployment are properly covered by regulatory efforts.