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VRM in the States: Wisconsin

Wisconsin currently has online voter registration, Election Day registration, and portability.

Published: April 16, 2018

Advances in Voter Registration Modernization

  • Online Voter Registration: Wisconsin launched online voter registration through the State Elections Commission in 2017. Eligible citizens with a state driver’s license or non-driver ID can use the system to register to vote and update their registration information.
  • Election Day Registration: Wisconsin enacted Election Day registration in 1975. Individuals may register and vote at the polls on Election Day and at municipal clerk’s offices during the early voting period. 
  • Portability: Registered voters who have moved within the state at least 10 days before an election and have not updated their registration can, on Election Day, re-register at their new polling place and cast a regular ballot. Those who have moved within the state fewer than 10 days before an election can cast a regular ballot at their former ward or municipality. 

Gains from Voter Registration Modernization in Wisconsin

  • In the November 2016 general election, 355,948 voters registered on Election Day or during the early voting period.