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VRM in the States: Arkansas

Arkansas currently has electronic voter registration.

Last Updated: February 9, 2021
Published: January 30, 2017

Advances in Voter Registration Modernization 

  • Electronic Voter Registration: Arkansas launched electronic voter registration at the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) – which serves as the state’s driver’s licensing office – in the mid-1990s, and fully eliminated the use of paper for DFA-based voter registration in 2010. DFA clerks input voters’ vocal responses electronically and collect signatures on an electronic pad. Election officials access the registration database daily.

Gains from Voter Registration Modernization in Arkansas

The steps Arkansas has taken thus far have yielded increases in voter registration and financial benefits for the state. For example:

  • During a May 2013 interview with Brennan Center staff, Arkansas election officials reported saving staff time on data entry due to electronic voter registration.
  • Arkansas eliminated paper from the voter registration process at the DFA in 2010 at an upgrade cost of approximately $40,000.
  • Arkansas observed a significant spike in its registration rate at DFA offices after fully implementing electronic registration.