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Vacancies Legislation in the 111th Congress

Published: March 2, 2009
Bill No.Short TitleSponsorsDate IntroducedRelated BillsDescription
S.J. Res. 7 N/A [view res. text]Sen. Feingold and 2 co-sponsors [view all]January 29, 2009 [view status]N/AThis joint resolution would amend the Constitution to require the direct popular election of Senators who fill Senate vacancies.
H.R. 899 Ethical and Legal Elections for Congressional Transitions Act [view bill text]Sen. Schock and 7 co-sponsors [view all]February 4, 2009 [view status] N/AThis bill would require states to hold special elections to fill Senate vacancies.
H.J. Res. 52 N/A [view res. text]Rep. Baird and 1 co-sponsor [view all]May 20, 2009 [view status] N/AThis constitutional amendment would require an elected Senator or Representative in Congress, immediately after taking the oath of office, to provide the applicable chamber a list of at least three qualified designees (ranked in order of preference) to take the individual’s place in the event the individual dies, becomes incapacitated, or disappears before the individual’s term of office expires. The elected official may revise the list at any time during a Congress.