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Statement of Civil Rights Concerns About Monitoring of Social Media by Law Enforcement

On November 6, the Brennan Center, ACLU of Northern California, Free Press, and MediaJustice, together with 51 other civil society organizations, released a statement on civil rights concerns about monitoring of social media by law enforcement.

Published: November 6, 2019

The state­ment sets out six harm­ful impacts from social media surveil­lance that lawmakers and the public must take into account in any discus­sion about surveil­lance of social media users, includ­ing the chilling effect on First Amend­ment-protec­ted activ­it­ies, dispar­ate impact on margin­al­ized communit­ies, lack of public input or approval, threats to privacy, heightened risks arising from under­cover activ­ity online, and the elev­ated stakes of using social media for crim­inal justice purposes.