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Post-Election Audits: Restoring Trust in Elections

Published: August 1, 2007

With the inten­tion of assist­ing legis­lat­ors, elec­tion offi­cials and the public to make sense of recent liter­at­ure on post-elec­tion audits and convert it into real­istic audit prac­tices, the Bren­nan Center and the Samuel­son Law, Tech­no­logy and Public Policy Clinic at Boalt Hall School of Law (Univer­sity of Cali­for­nia Berke­ley) convened a blue ribbon panel (the “Audit Panel”) of stat­ist­i­cians, voting experts, computer scient­ists and several of the nation’s lead­ing elec­tion offi­cials. Follow­ing a review of the liter­at­ure and extens­ive consulta­tion with the Audit Panel, the Bren­nan Center and the Samuel­son Clinic make several prac­tical recom­mend­a­tions for improv­ing post-elec­tion audits, regard­less of the audit method that a juris­dic­tion ulti­mately decides to adopt.