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Other / Misc. Election Legislation in the 109th Congress

Published: January 26, 2009
Bill No. Short Title Sponsors Date Introduced Related Bills Description
H.R. 2690 Voter Choice Act of 2005 McKinney May 26, 2005   This bill would permit states that are entitled to more than one Representative in Congress to establish multi-seat districts and a proportional voting system for election of Representatives.  The bill would also require states to conduct general federal elections using an instant runoff voting system where voters can rank candidates on the ballot in order of preference and runoff counts are conducted in rounds.  The EAC would be required to establish a grant program to help defray the costs of administering an instant runoff or proportional voting system in a state.
H.R. 6200 Paper Ballot Act of 2006 Kucinich September 27, 2006   This bill would require states to conduct Presidential elections using only paper ballots, beginning in 2008. A maximum of 500 ballots can be cast in a precinct. The ballots must be hand counted at the precinct; the hand count must be publicly observable.