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Judicial Accountability & Evaluation Resources

A comprehensive resource page for judicial accountability & evaluation resources.

Published: February 22, 2018

Insti­tute for the Advance­ment of the Amer­ican Legal System

  • IAALS Univer­sity of Denver
  • National Map  with Judi­cial Perform­ance Eval­u­ation Inform­a­tion
  • State Summary of Judi­cial Perform­ance Eval­u­ation Programs

Amer­ican Judicature Soci­ety

National Center for State Courts

Other resources, as iden­ti­fied by a National Center for State Courts resource guide:

  • Kourlis,Rebecca Love et al. Shared Expect­a­tions: Judi­cial Account­ab­il­ity in Context. Denver: Insti­tute for the Advance­ment of the Amer­ican Legal System (2006).  Covers reas­ons, goals, and eval­u­ates best approaches to JPE, while outlining history and prac­tices in several states. Appen­dices in the full report include model surveys for attor­neys, jurors, and litig­ants; over­view of JPE programs; require­ments by state; and model self-assess­ments. 
  • Trans­par­ent Court­house: A Blue­print for Judi­cial Perform­ance Eval­u­ation. Univer­sity of Denver, Insti­tute for the Advance­ment of the Amer­ican Legal System (2006).  This resource can be used to help courts design a program to improve account­ab­il­ity through judi­cial perform­ance eval­u­ation.  The book includes basic tenets and values inher­ent in such programs, a check­list to guide those start­ing program, bench­marks, sample stat­utes and court orders, and model surveys. 
  • Black Letter Guidelines for the Eval­u­ation of Judi­cial Perform­ance. Amer­ican Bar Asso­ci­ation  (Febru­ary 2005).  The docu­ment provides a list of categor­ies that should be invest­ig­ated when eval­u­at­ing the perform­ance of judges: goals of the program, uses of the program, dissem­in­a­tion of the data from the eval­u­ations, admin­is­tra­tion and support, criteria of the eval­u­ation, and meth­od­o­logy. 

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