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Groups Urge Kansas Governor to Repeal Law Jeopardizing Fair Courts

The Brennan Center sent a letter to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback urging him to repeal a law that strips the state’s Supreme Court of the power to select local judges and control over court budgets.

Published: October 6, 2014

The Bren­nan Center for Justice, along with the Kansas Values Insti­tute and Kansans for Fair Courts, sent a letter to Governor Sam Brown­back and state lead­ers urging the repeal of a recent law that strips Kansas Supreme Court of the power to select local judges and of control over court budgets. Accord­ing to the groups, the law threatens the consti­tu­tional author­ity of Kansas’s Supreme Court to admin­is­ter a unified court and endangers the balance between the legis­lat­ive and judi­cial branches under the separ­a­tion-of-powers doctrine. Fail­ure to repeal the law would leave the state open to a legal chal­lenge, the letter said.

The law, passed in April, is the state legis­lature’s latest attempt to politi­cize the court after an attempt last year to change judi­cial selec­tion in the state.

Down­load the Letter [PDF]

Letter to Gov. Brown­back on Jeop­ard­iz­ing Fair Courts